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Reprographic Services

Reprographic Services
Our staff is trained in using the latest technology and most advanced equipment available on the market today and offer many reprographic services including:

Large Format
Our black and white printing system delivers the highest possible quality.  True 600 x 600 dpi is the standard for printing and plotting resulting in crisper, blacker blacks and clearer grey scales.  We can accommodate any size print job up to 36” wide by any length.

BSR can provide and install for you, free of charge, network and web-based printing software giving you the ability to submit drawings directly into our printing queue, or, if you prefer, upload them via our secure ftp site.  You control the number of copies, types of drawing files, and the date and time of submission directly from your workstation.  Also, the most current AutoDesk ® and Microsoft ™ Certified application drivers are always available here.

Also, we can provide Large Scale Color Prints with little to no loss to the color data of your project.


Mounting and Laminating
Let us mount your presentations onto foam or gator board.  We stock both white and black and in 3/16” to 1/4” thicknesses.  We can mount any width up to 55” wide on a variety of substrates.  Give us a call with your specifications.

Our scanning capabilities produce copies in 200, 400, or 600 dpi copy and scan resolutions.  Patented High Definition Print Technology ™ results in advanced grayscale and fine line image enhancement.  Our state of the art 24-bit monochrome and color scanner can duplicate anything from faded blueprints to high resolution photographs.  Often our scanned and reproduced copies are of higher quality than the original.  Faded blueprints, sepias, and damaged drawings can be digitally preserved.

In addition, we can scan your old drawings to file or disc.  We can provide you with digital files in almost any format including .dwf for use in common CAD applications.

Archiving of record plans or valuable documents for safe keeping is now easy and affordable.

Enlargements and Reductions
Reducing and/or enlargements are common place in the A/E and Construction industries.  In addition to full size sets, reducing a set of drawings to half-size makes plans easier to handle, file, and reference without losing the clarity or scalability.  BSR can reduce or enlarge your plans, drawings, images, or photos to any scale or sheet size you need.

Plan Vaults and Plan Rooms
We host individual libraries for any of our customers without charge.  Re-prints of your construction documents can be instantly ordered with a phone call, e-mail, fax, or electronic work order eliminating the need to re-send files.  Your order is printed directly from the vault and you will be notified for pick up or scheduled for delivery as needed.  Minor addendums and routine updates for any project can be incorporated into our Plan Vault so the current information is always available.  For larger projects and addendums our on-line Plan Room is a valuable tool to ordering, tracking, and dispersing bid document information and construction documents.

Small Format
High quality and high speed copiers and printers for 8 ½ x 11, 8 ½ x 14 and 11 x 17 sized documents can produce any number of documents either single or double sided.  We can also take your document files and print directly from them resulting in higher quality digital copies. Binding is no problem for either comb or 4:1 coil finishing.  Send us your spec books or manuals for any quantity needed.

Small Format Scanning
If you have a hard copy spec book and would like it in digital format we can scan to .pdf format making it easier to distribute individual sections or complete copies.  Sub contractors can view the book on their monitor and print only those sections pertaining to their scope of work.

Let BSR provide packaging, labeling, shipping, and delivery for all your projects.  All we need to know is where and when you would like it delivered and we will ship your package anywhere.  We can produce letters of transmittal and any other documentation you would like included and will ship with your preferred carrier.  By using your existing account information control of billing and delivery tracking remains with you.

Pick up and Delivery
Call or e-mail our office to schedule a pick up or delivery.  Our drivers are dispatched via cell phone and use live GPS equipment to ensure fast and efficient service.  Written delivery confirmation is provided at each stop.


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